“I didn’t have any idea people did that. Can’t imagine a much worse place for cooking meth.” – Jordan Thompson.



Mobile Meth Labs and Auctions



Over the last few weeks, we’ve explored several issues relating to meth and cars. Today, we’ll wrap up that topic with a discussion on mobile meth labs and auctions, starting with the rest of Jordan’s story.

Jordan wasn’t sure about his neighbors. Strange things were going on next-door, as well as in his backyard. It started with several missing tomatoes. At first, he thought the culprit was his dog. Then he spotted his neighbor jumping over the fence with an armful of his summer harvest – and the cushions for his lawn chairs.

Next came the sales pitches. Every few weeks, his neighbor would approach, asking to purchase Jordan’s home. Evidently this was part of a ‘grand scheme’ to buy up the whole block. His neighbor never seemed to remember they’d already had this discussion or the multiple refusals.

Finally, there was the car. It moved from spot to spot throughout the neighborhood, never going further than a few feet at a time. It even ended up half-parked on Jordan’s lawn more than once.

This odd saga came to an end with a police raid and a boisterous arrest. At that point, it turned out his neighbors were only renting the property. And, according to their landlady, they’d used and sold meth next-door for months. She also confirmed that the wandering car was actually a mobile meth lab.

Jordan couldn’t believe it. He’d known something was wrong, but an explosive and dangerous meth lab in a car? That shocked him. (Let alone that it had ended up partially on his property). He was even more surprised to learn that the vehicle was currently on its way to auction.



Could the Vehicle You Bought at Auction Have a History as a Mobile Meth Lab?



As you can see, meth labs can be anywhere. And as law enforcement puts more pressure on illegal drug production and transportation, dealers find increasingly deviant and (albeit) creative ways to circumvent the law.

Meth labs are extremely dangerous on their own, and even more so if they’re in a car. For starters, it’s difficult to control the environment inside a vehicle due to pressure, heat, etc. Furthermore, if these cars move for street cleaning or any other reason, it invites spills and chemical reactions. Mobile meth labs also increase the probability of contact with the public through simple proximity and car sales.

At this time, there are no laws governing the sale of meth cars in Utah. Yes. You read that correctly. It is perfectly legal to knowingly sell an automobile contaminated with meth. There are no disclosure laws, decontamination limits, or testing requirements specific to vehicles.

That means that insurance companies, police, collections agencies, and more can all sell (or auction) meth totaled cars as-is.

So yes. That auctioned car can absolutely contain meth and may have been a mobile meth lab. This goes for salvage titles too, which often seem like a dream deal – until someone gets sick.



What Do I Do If There Is Meth in My Car?



Unfortunately, to know if there’s meth in your car, you’ll need more than a quick inspection. The only way to confirm or rule out meth is to test. For that, we recommend having the help of a professional, such as a Certified Decontamination Specialist

If your car is contaminated, you’ll need to deal with it. Meth residue is a serious problem, one that can make you or your passengers ill. Should you want to keep the car, and depending on the amount of meth, you’ll need to have it decontaminated.

Keep in mind that your insurance company may help with some or all of this process, depending on your circumstances and assuming you already have a policy on the vehicle. 

You could also request the current owner provide a test before purchasing a used car. Or, you may prefer to pay for one yourself with their permission, which adds the advantage of selecting who preforms said test. Be sure to read our blog on different types of testing when considering either of these options. 

For help with testing or meth removal, or for more information on mobile meth labs and auctions, call a Certified Decontamination Specialist in your area. If you’re in Utah, call us. We offer free consultations and guarantee our work. You can reach us at (801) 888-6698.

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An alias was used in this story for the sake of privacy.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay