What to do if you suspect Mold

Mold can be hard to see, especially if it is growing behind walls or under roofing shingles so your nose and any physical symptoms are your best allies. Mold has a distinctive musty odor that is easy to recognize. There are also several physical symptoms including rash, eye irritation, headaches and asthma that may indicate a mold problem. If you are experiencing any mold symptoms it is important to have your home tested for mold.

You may also want to have your home tested if you have had problems with leaky pipes, a leaky roof or accumulating moisture. A crawl space or attic in your home may be harboring mold that you are unaware of. For a full mold evaluation of your property contact AEI Decon.

For mold testing and prevention services, call AEI Decon at (801) 888-6698

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