Microscopic mold spores are present everywhere: within our walls, in our air, on our food, and anywhere else you can think of! Mold spores are much like plant seeds: they need just the right conditions to grow. Moisture and lack of sunlight both contribute to the growth of mold spores. Mold can be very useful in natural processes such as decomposition and aging cheese but when mold is present indoors, it can cause structural damage and health hazards. For optimum safety, indoor molds must be remediated and properly cleaned up as soon as possible!

How AEI Decon Can Help

Our trained and certified technicians will have your property’s air back to normal in no time! Using effective protocols and industry standards AEI Decon can tackle the problem with professionalism and care.

AEI Decon can effectively treat areas such as:

  • All Indoor Surfaces
  • Asphalt or Cedar Roofing Shingles
  • Cedar Decks
  • Treated Decks
  • Vinyl Fences and Siding
  • Stucco, Brick and Other Types of Facings
  • And More!

Mold remediation requires thorough cleanup and remediation. Our mold remediation professionals can get your home safe from mold and health hazards, call today for an evaluation.

For mold remediation and cleanup, call AEI Decon at (801) 888-6698

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