Meth Cleanup & Decontamination

Thorough cleanup or decontamination is the only way to get rid of the health hazards in any structure that has been contaminated by meth. In the past demolition was the most widely used technique to “clean” a meth house. This process included removing all of the contaminated materials from the property; sheet-rock, flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, and any other item not used as part of the structure of the house. The cost involved in such an undertaking was not cost effective and left the property owner in an undesirable financial situation.  Some property owners simply try to clean the interior using household cleaners which is only partially effective at best.  Most advertised decontamination methods are not totally effective; in fact, when only cleaning is used as part of “decontamination,” some residue is inevitably left behind and actually re-contaminates the structure! Just painting over walls doesn’t work either: it just covers up the problem, and toxins inevitably off gas through the paint contaminating the air once again.

AEI Decon offers another alternative that tackles the problem of meth contamination and is much more effective than just cleaning.  Our products applied by our trained and certified technicians safely and effectively eliminate meth contamination residue from any residential or commercial structure. By taking a scientific approach we are able to safely decontaminate walls, ceilings, non-porous flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, heating systems, and other items in a house saving thousands in replacement costs and time living away from home. There is absolutely no need for expensive demolition when the property is properly decontaminated by our product which is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, completely bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly and safe for people, pets and structures.

AEI Decons’ meth clean up process is safe and effective.  Our certified decontamination specialists provide thorough decontamination of the property and accurate clearance testing to confirm the process was effective.

Your privacy is important to us.  AEI Decon maintains a discrete presence while completing our proprietary decontamination process.  Our vehicles and trailers are not wrapped or labeled with the name of our company, keeping unwanted questions or inquiries at bay.

For meth decontamination and remediation in Utah, call AEI Decon at (801) 888-6698

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