Certified Decontamination Specialists

AEI Decon is not your run-of-the-mill disaster cleanup company. We are certified by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEP) to promote the well-being of Utah’s citizens. As certified decontamination specialists, the owners of AEI Decon are licensed by the DEP to perform the necessary decontamination procedures required in meth lab and meth user site decontamination and cleanup.The certification is imposed in order to protect the health and safety of both our customers and our own employees, ensuring that safety is put above everything else when we are taking care of a decontamination project.
Only a select group of individuals are qualified enough to receive this certification, but the owners of AEI Decon passed the test. We are capable of handling meth, mold, and other indoor air quality issues.

As certified decontamination specialists, AEI Decon requires that:

  • All of our employees go through OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER training
  • Each employee goes through a refresher training course to renew certification annually
  • We work with the local law enforcement and health departments to ensure public safety.
  • All of our employees practice the safest and most effective procedures when providing decontamination services

Dealing with the remnants of a meth lab or of some other type of meth contaminated material is dangerous work that must be completed thoroughly. That is why the DEP doesn’t just let anybody become a certified decontamination specialist. The application process is rigorous, and the individuals allowed to be on the list of approved specialists are small in number.

We want to make your home, business, or other property in question a safe place again. We are dedicated to removing meth contaminants and hazardous materials so more of Utah will be safe for habitation.

If you know of a contaminated property that may have been a meth lab or a meth user site, don’t hesitate to call AEI Decon now! (801) 888-6698