Masks for Microbial Protection

We’ve been asked a lot about masks and respirators.  Makes sense – they’ve been a critical part of our work for years!

N95 Masks – This is a mask that is 95% effective at removing particles 0.3 microns or larger.

So it’s a filter that almost always blocks a certain size particle or larger.

Like throwing big rocks at a chain link fence – you might get a few through, but not many.

So how big is a Covid-19 virus?

Around 0.125 microns – less than half the size of the N95 filter!

So why do N95 masks work?

Because it’s usually not just a Covid-19 virus trying to get through the filter – it’s usually a respiratory droplet (read: floating snot and spit glob), and the filter can block the droplet with greater success.

Incidentally, that’s a good reason to be careful about re-using them – they do get contaminated over time when used.

Surgical Masks – for surgeons and doctors! Please don’t pressure the supply!

Cloth Masks – great at keeping your respiratory droplets to yourself and protecting the environment. If everyone uses these regularly, it’ll make a BIG difference!

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