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Meth house making me sick
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What Is A Meth Lab?

Meth Labs

Meth labs can take various forms. As dealers adjust their methods to new laws or technology, their labs change too. They can be an extensive system of tubes, chemicals, or even a set of mobile burners or bottles. You may not even know there was a meth lab on a property until someone becomes ill.

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Why remove meth


AEI Decon offers an alternative to demolition and other ineffective methods of responding to meth. Our Certified Decontamination Specialists have the tools and training to eliminate this toxic substance from any residential or commercial structure. That, in turn, can save you thousands of dollars.

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Who Meth Test Utah

Meth Testing

Testing is the only way to be sure if your property (including vehicles) is contaminated with meth. We recommend you utilize professional services to avoid mistakes and expensive retesting. We also recommend (and always utilize) NIOSH 9111 laboratory testing — we find it to be the most affordable and accurate option on the market.

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Where can you find meth?
What is in meth?