AEI Decon


AEI Decon was created one day sitting around the kitchen table. Three individuals had a unique idea about remediating properties. Two of the individuals came from a background of large scale property management and the other with a background of growing businesses with expertise in franchising. All three of the founders had seen that there was a huge need to create a company that remediates meth and mold properly, while educating the public. What this means is that they created great systems, created great products, follow state standards and local laws, and never skip steps.

The idea throughout many countries

AEI Decon has taken this idea throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  We currently teach meth courses to the Real Estate/Property Management industries and train other remediation companies how to decontaminate meth properly.

Our Goal

It is our goal to have strict standards for remediation throughout the world. We are currently working with other professionals worldwide to spread this idea.

Where we work

AEI Decon currently remediates properties in Utah and surrounding regions.