Meth Testing

Meth testing is the only reliable way to confirm whether or not a home (or vehicle) contains residual meth. And, unfortunately, this substance has real potential to make you ill. That is why we strongly recommend testing for meth any time you buy or sell a home (or when reclaiming a stolen vehicle.) It may also be wise when renting a new space for your family or business, before and during renovations, and when you’ve noticed symptoms of meth exposure.  

Knowing the status of a property provides more confidence and security in retail transactions. It also helps keep people safe from meth or toxins associated with meth labs. Additionally, presuming you know the history of a property or making assumptions based on appearances is unwise and often backfires on unsuspecting owners. 

So what type of test should you buy? Well, there are several available on the market. Generally we do our testing through ALS Global. You can learn about that, and much more, in this easy-access guide. 

Easy-Access Guide

  1. Is the Meth in Your Home Actually Dangerous?
  2. There Might Be Meth In My House. What Kind of Test Do I Need? 
  3. Meth Houses: Identification and When to Test. 
  4. What Are Utah’s Meth Laws for Homes and Properties? 
  5. Should I Get a Meth Test With My Home Inspection?
  6. Home Methamphetamine Tests: Are They Accurate?
  7. NIOSH Compliance and Methamphetamine Testing.  
  8. Home Methamphetamine Test: Reading the Results.
  9. Home Meth Test: Reading the Results Part Two.
  10. Hiring a Decontamination Specialist.
  11. Meth Testing in Utah: Common Mistakes That Cost 
  12. How Do I Test My Home for Meth: A Step by Step Guide

For now, know that we recommend Niosh 9111 Compliant laboratory testing, and it’s usually a good idea to hire a professional. This is because proper testing requires training and experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of state regulations. 

For help with testing or decontamination, call a Certified Decontamination Specialist in your area. Or, if you’re in Utah, feel free to call AEI Decon at (801) 888-6698.