Department of Environmental Quality

The Department of Environmental Quality works to make the living environments in Utah safe for its citizens. AEI Decon along with Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality work to get difficult situations that require decontamination under control.

When areas are affected by methamphetamine, decontamination specialists, certified by the DEQ are put on the job to make the area habitable again.

Along with the Department of Environment Quality in Utah, AEI Decon tries to help raise awareness about what to do if you encounter harmful chemicals.

Everyone should get the chance to live in a safe environment, and education and awareness is one of the best ways to help facilitate that.

Decontamination of Utah Meth Labs

IIn Utah, there are more meth labs than you might expect. In fact, they could be hiding in the apartment downstairs or the house across the street in seemingly safe neighborhoods. The problem is: meth labs pose a danger to everyone, not just the makers, the drug dealers, and the users. The chemicals produced in meth labs can affect everyone around it, severely in some cases.

Because Utah has an abnormally high problem with contaminated properties certified decontamination specialists are hard at work to try to curve this epidemic.

One of the signs that there might be a meth lab in your neighborhood is the smell. Though not any one odor can really be associated with meth labs, strange chemical smells can be indicative of the drug-making process. You should report any strong chemical smells to the authorities.

Rest assured that AEI Decon and the Department of Environmental Quality will work to eradicate the problems created by meth labs. If you have any questions or you require testing or decontamination services, contact us today! (801) 888-6698

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