Department of Environmental Quality

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) oversees and implements many of the regulations that keep Utah’s resources clean. Their mission, according to their website, is “safeguarding and improving Utah’s air, land, and water through balanced regulation.” Naturally, this includes maintaining several standards and programs for licensing in a variety of areas. Not the least of these programs is the Decontamination Specialist Certification Program.

To put it simply, DEQ provides Certified Decontamination Specialists with the training to safely remove meth from your home or property and to “protect the public health and environment.” And, at AEI Decon, we take these responsibilities seriously. We see it as our personal mission to increase public education and awareness about meth, mold, and other harmful household contaminants. Together, with the DEQ, we strive to reduce the prevalence of Utah’s meth labs and contaminated properties, and to ensure everyone has access to the necessary tools to protect their family, home, and property. 

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