Meth testing is done to determine whether or not a home or building previously used to cook or smoke methamphetamine is still contaminated with meth residue. Meth testing is strongly recommended when you buy, sell, or rent a property to keep the inhabitants of the property safe from the health problems cause by meth contamination and residue.

Who Should Have Meth Testing Performed?

  • Real Estate Agents: To be sure that listed properties are not compromised by the presence of meth residue.
  • Property Buyers: If you are in the market for buying a residential or commercial property, it just makes good sense to protect your investment by having it tested for meth before you buy.
  • Business Owners: If you suspect meth use at your place of business, having your buildings tested by Apple Environmental will help you get the answers you’re looking for.
  • Families: If you have reason to believe your spouse or child may be using meth, you may want to have bedrooms, recreation rooms, the garage, or cars tested.
  • Rental Property Owners: Residential rental properties and storage units are hotbeds for meth labs as well as meth use. Have your investments tested regularly for your safety as well as your tenants’.

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