Meth testing is done to determine if someone has smoked methamphetamine in your home. If someone smoked meth in your home 3 times, there can be left over residue.  It is recommended that any new buyers or renters test their new home, to keep the residents safe.

Call AEI Decon for your meth testing kit today. It’s easy, and worth knowing if your home is safe or not.

Supplies you need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Gauze sponges
  • Testing template, which Is 100 centimeters squared available at any testing company
  • Wetting agent – we use isopropyl alcohol at least 95% grade or methanol
  • Pen and sharpie
  • Tape for template


Step 1

Take out gauze- fold it in half, then half again. (You can use 4 different corners to use 4 different tests)


Step 2

Use wetting agent to get gauze wet, use get enough to get it wet


Step 3

Wipe Up and down 5 times, then left and right 5 times

Great places to test:

  • Cold air return
  • Master bedroom, just above the best (most people like to use meth in their room)
  • Furnace, where the filter was, near the fan all air travels through the furnace
  • Outside of heat and air conditioning vents
  • Vents near bathrooms and kitchen range hood. (They get humidity and grease, and meth sticks to it)


Step 4

Once you’ve done the four samples, but them in the tube, and send to local lab.

Have questions about meth testing? Need remediation? Or Meth remover product?

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