The world of automotive repair is busy and fast-paced, with clients depending on their mechanic to get them back on the road. Of course, finding needles, drug residue or paraphernalia, or other signs of meth in cars can bring the work to a screeching halt. The good news is that contamination doesn’t have to spell disaster for your shop or your clients. In fact, many of these problems are easier to solve than most people expect.

That’s where AEI Decon comes in. Whether it’s picking up sharps, general questions, or testing a stolen vehicle, we’re happy to help. Most of the time, we can even provide same-day consultations and testing. So give us a quick call, and we’ll walk you through your next step. If we’re unable to resolve your concerns over the phone (and you’re within our service area), we’ll take a look free of charge. (801) 888-6698.



Why Test A Car For Meth?



Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that auto repair shops gain nothing from recommending testing. We understand this line of thought. After all, insurance companies will (generally) only pay an invoice to a single subcontractor. As such, it can feel like a financial loss for the business and an unnecessary burden. Some mechanics have also told us they don’t want to make trouble for their clients by recommending additional inspections.

To respond to these concerns, let us first say that meth is dangerous. And in the close quarters of a car, we’ve seen it produce extremely adverse effects. In fact, drugs can produce many harmful residues and hazardous materials, which can be OSHA issues on their own. That is why it is critical to test cars and vehicles any time you suspect contamination. It’s a fundamental part of keeping you, your workers, and your clients safe. And even though it may feel like an inconvenience, most clients will actually thank you for reducing their exposure to toxic substances.

Second, we can help you work with insurance companies to ensure the invoicing is correct and that your business doesn’t suffer for doing the right thing. We maintain relationships with many insurance agents, and the right certifications, to make that part of the process as smooth as possible.

Thirdly, mobile meth labs have increased the chances of finding meth in used or auctioned cars. That means clients may request this service more often than in the past. Furthermore, insurance companies will often require testing when police return a stolen car.

As you can see, as a mechanic – the chances are good that you’ll eventually need to have a conversation about meth in cars. As such, it is more critical than ever to know what to do, and who to call.



AEI Decon Can Help Test and Decontaminate Any Vehicle – Just Ask Our Clients



At AEI Decon, we have over eleven years of experience in testing and decontamination, and we’ve found that our services can offer both direction and peace of mind.

For example, we recently assisted a woman whose suburban was stolen from the Holladay City area. Luckily for her, it was recovered within forty hours. But, since drugs often show up in stolen vehicles, the police recommended that she have it tested. As her baby seats were still in the back, and she didn’t want to risk exposing her infant to any harmful substances, she called us right away. We tested her vehicle and found no detectable meth. She was able to rest easy, and insurance covered the test.

In another instance, we heard from a contractor who had suffered the theft of his truck. In his case, that meant his livelihood too. All his tools and materials, his entire business was inside that vehicle. Unfortunately, when his truck was returned, it tested positive. That means everything had to go, including his expensive tools. Thankfully we were able to help him make his claim. We provided the documentation he needed to restore his business to working order.

As you can see, the best thing to do any time you suspect meth is to test. Whether it’s a car or a home, it’s better to know and ensure everyone is safe. For more information, call a Certified Decontamination Specialist in your area. If you’re in Utah, call AEI Decon today at (801) 888-6698.


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