My my, this is a surprise. Do my cadaverous eyes deceive me, or has another misguided soul stumbled into the snare of our Horrors and Nightmares Series? Have you come because you sensed the unearthly vibrations of our Halloween frights? Or perhaps you managed to endure your encounter with Zombie Mold and presume yourself immune to our tormenting tales.

No matter. Our depraved collection contains more than enough abominations to satiate even the most inquisitive soul.

And we’re sure the fiends lurking within our desecrated laboratory will find you equally satisfying.



Street Drugs: A Deadly High



Bath Salts



Come in, come in. Enter now into the world of sinister concoctions and deadly brews. Mind the Bunsen burners and loose wires, and be cautious where you tread. What you are about to see is not for the faint of heart, and you may find the topic…somewhat difficult to swallow. (Forgive us. We’ve been dying to use that pun all day.)

Here, contained within our laboratory’s unsterile vials, you will see a series of fine white powders. Perhaps they remind you of Epsom Salts or flower. Yet they are neither.

No. These powders are nothing less than our first subject; the mind-altering synthetic cathinone: the bath salt. Though, while named for a pleasant hygiene product, we can assure that these powerful chemicals are anything but clean. In fact, their makers pack them with stimulants aimed at suppressing your brain’s natural chemistry – leading to haunting hallucinations, psychosis, odd and often violent behavior, spasms, seizures, and worse.

Of course, such substances are no laughing matter, nor should we confuse them with their bath-time name’s sake. Chemically speaking, they’re closely relating them to methamphetamine or cocaine. And the effects do linger for weeks at a time – or longer.

However, as you will find is the case with most illicit chemistry, the exact formula depends largely on the person mad enough to produce them. That means there’s no telling exactly what ingredients the would-be scientist will use, or what harmful residues are left behind after they’ve finished their clandestine creations.






Next, we turn to the street drug known as Krokodil. Note the yellowish-brown liquid contained within our smoldering beakers and the faint scent of acid in the air. No doubt about it, this derivative of codeine is as corrosive as it smells, causing a caustic effect within the user’s very veins.

Oh yes, this particular subject lives up to its name, for the victims of its addictive bite may develop skin ulcerations, infections, and even gangrene – marking the skin with the appearance of a crocodile’s scales. In extreme cases its victim’s tissue may even turn necrotic, rotting away as it eats them from the inside out – leading to amputation and even death.

As we’ve said, these horrific drugs are quite real – luring in their unwitting prey with the promise of a euphoric high. And with a chemical structure of C17H21NO2, this fast-acting opioid is indeed ten times more effective than morphine. Unfortunately, it is also three times as toxic.

Naturally, creating poisonous materials requires poisonous ingredients. Only a mad scientist would think it wise to combine the chemicals required in producing such drugs, (including hydrochloric acid, household cleaners, and even gasoline).






I see you hesitating at the threshold of our next experiment.

Indeed, it is a gruesome sight.

But come forward one more step, for we cannot conclude our odious tour without entering the realm of meth.

Here you will notice salt-like shards and crystalline powders which do not produce any obvious smell. Even so, there is a feeling of foreboding emanating from this seemingly innocent substance, is there not? Perhaps this is because of meth’s devastating ability to target the central nervous system, depriving its victims of sleep and appetite, or even its talent for causing fatal heart attacks. You may also be sensing it’s unstable molecular structure, allowing this subject to change states easily, making it deadly to use and explosive to produce.

Can you feel it’s malintent? How it elevates the blood pressure, increases the chances of stroke, and drives its users to monstrous behavior? Over time it decays their very teeth, creates sores or lesions from compulsive scratching, and dooms its victims to memory loss and brain damage.

But no, my purveyors of the unknown, that is not the end of meth’s long reach. This vicious substance is also linked to prolonged depression, hallucinations, and paranoia, even affecting those exposed to both its second-hand and residual forms as well.

Worse yet, meth lingers on in a near-immortal state, haunting the homes where it was created or smoked for decades to come. And rest assured –  the deadly means of methamphetamine production can only be classified as mad science at its very worst.



Your Family Crypt



Here, at last, we conclude the tour of our vile laboratory. By now, we hope we have fully illuminated the unpredictable nature of street drugs, no matter what frightful form they may take. Be certain to discuss the risks and educate your ghastly brood at home. And if addiction holds someone you care for in its unforgiving embrace, call the SAMHSA’s National Helpline today at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

However, should you suspect residual substances in your family crypt, we suggest employing a Certified Decontamination Specialist. They are the best antidote to harmful toxins, including street drugs, in your home. And if you find yourself in need of aid Utah, then do not hesitate to summon AEI Decon. We would be happy to materialize for your free consultation (801) 888-6698.



Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay




*There are many more forms of street drugs than those mentioned in this article. None of them are safe for human consumption.

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