Hey folks, we’re excited to bring you the details about our Utah coat and clothing drive for The Odyssey House. If you’re in Utah, please donate your gently used clothing and coats. Odyssey House supports individuals and families of all shapes, sizes, and ages – so giving is easy. Just check your closet, or feel free to pick up a spare something while you’re at the store. We’ll be happy to schedule a pick-up time or drop off location near you.

New socks, underwear, and gently used or new coats are of special interest. Of course, they also accept things like toys and other goods. If you’d like to talk to The Odyssey House directly, you can contact them through their website. Or, call Randall Carlisle at 801-541-5413. He’ll be happy to walk you through the donation process.

We want to drive donations up as much as possible. Check out the details on our flyer below. And please make sure to share it as far and wide as possible.

coat and clothing drive utah

We’ll be starting pick up and scheduling drop-off locations starting the 7th of December. Of course, you don’t have to wait for us to make your cash donation, or drop off materials yourself.

For more information about our drive, feel free to call or text the number on the flyer for more information. That’s (801) 550, 8075. And thanks for participating in our Utah coat and clothing drive for the Odyssey House.

If you need help with testing or decontamination for mold or meth, or if you need help with sanitization for COVID, other bio-contaminants, or a hoarder house give AEI Decon a call at (801) 888-6698.


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