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Meth Clean Up & Decontamination

You have a property that you suspect is contaminated with meth or tested positive for meth residue. Now what? There is no need to feel overwhelmed. AEI Decon provides fast, effective, and affordable services for meth testing or cleanup. The process no longer requires complete interior demolition. Our non-corrosive, non-hazardous cleaning solution and decontamination process leave a healthy living environment for you and your family. As long as the surface is nonporous it can be decontaminated. AEI Decon’s trained professionals will make your property safe and clean again with our cost-effective cleanup methods.

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Meth Cleanup Products

Apple Environmental has spent the last few years developing a product dedicated to the decontamination of methamphetamine residue. There are other products currently on the market being used for meth cleanup, some are effective but many are corrosive pitting metal such as light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, door handles and even the nails in your drywall. Some products leave behind a sticky slime or noxious fumes.

The cleanup products used by AEI Decon were developed specifically for their respective purpose with formulas that are safe for your family and kind to your home. AEI Decon’s trained professionals will make your property safe and clean again with our cost-effective cleanup methods.

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