Mold Testing in Utah

Mold testing is an important precaution to protect your home and the health of your family. Every home contains mold and the potential for mold to grow and cause structural damage as well as health hazards for your family. Keeping moisture accumulating areas well ventilated and keeping an eye out for physical symptoms of mold growth are important parts of preventing serious damage caused by mold.

Apple Environmental’s mold testing professionals are available to test your home or building for mold as soon as you suspect a mold problem. Early detection can prevent costly repairs and can prevent the mold growth from spreading and causing serious health problem. Although most adults have an immune system capable of fighting toxic mold, young children and the elderly are at high risk of serious health problems and even death if mold symptoms are left unnoticed.


Apple Environmental mold testing technology and procedures include:

Infrared (FLIR) Technology
Protimeter Measurements
ATP Swabs
Air Sampling
Surface Swabs

If you notice any mold or physical symptoms of mold growth in Utah, call Apple Environment for immediate mold testing at(801)336-4151.

Why Choose Apple Environmental?

Apple Environmental provides homeowners, REO brokers, and property owners with fast, affordable decontamination and remediation services for mold and methamphetamine contamination.

We use safe and effective SafeHouse First productsto instantly kill mold growth and spores on contact. When directly applied by one of our trained and certified technicians, not only will the product kill the mold, but the barrier left behind will continue to fight against and prevent any new mold growth.

You don’t want to potentially create more health problems by exposing your family or employees to toxic mold- killing chemicals.  Products from Apple Environmental are completely bio-degradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and safe for  people, plants and pets. We are the “Green” solution you’ve been looking for!

Benefits of using Apple Environmental for your Meth and Mold cleanup services include:

Neutralization of methamphetamine and mold contaminates
Reduction in time required to complete decontamination, resulting in quicker marketability
Improve indoor air quality and a safe living environment
Kills bacteria causing foul odors, including tobacco smoke and pet odors
Professional environmental company that is licensed and insured
Decontamination Guaranteed!
State certified decontamination specialist on all job sites.

We invite you to contact Apple Environmental today to find out more about our mold and meth testing services as well as our remediation and cleanup process. Call for a free estimate today at (801)336-4151

Certified Decontamination Specialists

Apple Environmental is not your run-of-the-mill disaster cleanup company. We are certified by the UtahDepartment of Environmental Quality (DEP) to promote the well-being of Utah’s citizens. As certified decontamination specialists, the owners of Apple Environmental are licensed by the DEP to perform the necessary decontamination procedures required in meth lab and meth user site decontamination and cleanup.The certification is imposed in order to protect the health and safety of both our customers and our own employees, ensuring that safety is put above everything else when we are taking care of a decontamination project.
Only a select group of individuals are qualified enough to receive this certification, but the owners of Apple Environmental passed the test. We are capable of handling meth, mold, and other indoor air quality issues.

As certified decontamination specialists, Apple Environmental requires that:

All of our employees go through OSHA 40 hour HAZWOPER training
Each employee goes through a refresher training course to renew certification annually
We work with the local law enforcement and health departments to ensure public safety.
All of our employees practice the safest and most effective procedures when providing decontamination services

Dealing with the remnants of a meth lab or of some other type of meth contaminated material is dangerous work that must be completed thoroughly. That is why the DEP doesn’t just let anybody become a certified decontamination specialist. The application process is rigorous, and the individuals allowed to be on the list of approved specialists are small in number.

We want to make your home, business, or other property in question a safe place again. We are dedicated to removing meth contaminants and hazardous materials so more of Utah will be safe for habitation.

If you know of a contaminated property that may have been a meth lab […]

Issues with Buying a Meth Contaminated Property

The chemical residual waste products created during cooking and smoking methamphetamine are extremely hazardous to both humans and pets, rendering a meth property unsafe and unlivable without adequate decontamination. A meth site decreases not only the value of the property itself, but also devalues all of the properties which surround it. Indoor residues are fairly permanent and can last for decades because they are protected from sun and microorganism breakdown; not only are replaceable furnishings affected, but also permanent structural elements such as dry wall, flooring, air ducts and more.

If you are considering buying a property with possible Meth contamination, the property should be tested. If the testing proves positive for Methamphetamine, carefully consider the amount of decontamination needed in order to make the property livable. If the Meth contamination is not properly removed and all necessary precautions are not taken, the inhabitants of the property may suffer the effects of a meth contaminated property for decades.

If you are still interested in purchasing the home that has tested positive for Meth, Apple Environmental has partnered with Surety Title to include the cost of the decontamination into the closing costs of the house. If the seller and buyer can come to an agreement, the sale can still go through.  Visit Surety Title for more information.

For Meth decontamination services and testing call Apple Environmental at (801)336-4151.

What To Do If You Suspect Mold

Mold can be hard to see, especially if it is growing behind walls or under roofing shingles so your nose and any physical symptoms are your best allies. Mold has a distinctive musty odor that is easy to recognize. There are also several physical symptoms including rash, eye irritation, headaches and asthma that may indicate a mold problem. If you are experiencing any mold symptoms it is important to have your home tested for mold.

If you are experiencing symptoms or notice any mold smells you may also wanted to have your home tested if you have had problems with leaky pipes, a leaky roof or accumulating moisture. A crawl space or attic in your home may be harboring mold that you are unaware of.

For mold testing and prevention services call Apple Environmental at (801)336-4151.

Mold Remediation & Cleanup You Can Trust

Microscopic mold spores are present everywhere: within our walls, in our air, on our food, and anywhere else you can think of! Mold spores are much like plant seeds: they need just the right conditions to grow.Moisture and lack of sunlight both contribute to the growth of mold spores. Mold can be very useful in natural processes such as decomposition and aging cheese.When mold is present indoors, it can cause structural damage and health hazards. For optimum safety, indoor molds must be remediated and properly cleaned up as soon as possible!

How Apple Environmental Can Help

Our formula stops mold dead in its tracks and actively works to prevent any regrowth. When applied directly on affected areas, it effectively kills mold, mildew, and spore growth. Our trained and certified technicians will have your property’s air back to normal in no time!

Apple Environment can effectively treat areas such as:

All indoor surfaces
Asphalt or cedar roofing shingles
Cedar decks
Treated decks
Vinyl fences and siding
Stucco, brick and other types of facings
And more!

Mold remediation requires thorough cleanup and decontamination. Our mold remediation professionals can get your home safe from mold and health hazards. Our formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and will outperform any remediation chemical available.

For mold remediation and cleanup call Apple Environmental at (801)336-4151.

What do I do if my house is contaminated with meth?

What do I do if my house is contaminated with meth?
The studies thus far have indicated that levels over 3.0ug can be absorbed into the skin. Unfortunately, when we test a house we only test a few locations. If the results show some level of methamphetamine residue than we know that somewhere in the property there will be areas that have a higher level and areas that have a lower level which is why states like California and Utah set their acceptable levels at 1.5ug and 1.0ug. Some states have set their acceptable levels at 0.10ug (anything lower than this doesn’t really show up on the lab analysis). So the test came back showing some level of meth contamination, now what?

The biggest filter in your home is the carpet and carpet pad. Airborne particles float through the air and settle on the carpet and get embedded in the fibers of the carpet including meth residue. If you come into contact with that carpet the residue can be absorbed into your body dermally. This is why children are more susceptible to the contaminants than adults because they are the ones that spend more time on the floor therefore having more carpet to skin contact.

So, of course, you remove the contaminated carpet and get new, right? However you’re not done, the second filter in your home is the HVAC system which includes your furnace and duct work. If just the carpet is replaced and then you turn on the furnace you have just reintroduced meth residue particles onto your new carpet. So now you’re removing the carpet/carpet pad and getting the ducts cleaned. But you need to make sure the ducts are cleaned thoroughly. First the […]

How Does Meth Remover Work?

The active ingredients in this meth decontamination agent attack the methamphetamine molecule and break it down.  Methamphetamine or meth is produced chemically, therefore it can be broken down chemically.  The technology for meth removal has caught up with this nationwide epidemic.  Some of the molecular ingredients are released into the ambient air i.e. nitrogen which makes up 78% of the air we breathe and oxygen which makes up 21% of the air we breathe.  Components left on the surface are water, salts, and a slight layer of soap.  The soap is used not only to help clean the surfaces of dirt and grime, but to help the decontamination agent better adhere to the surface and not just run off before it has a chance to do it’s job.

Why Meth Remover?

Using Apple Environmental Meth Remover gives professionals the confidence of remediating meth contaminated properties with safe, effective crime scene cleanup.  This two part formula is fast and efficient helping to reduce your costs and create a desirable living environment for your clients.  Apple Environmental Meth Remover leaves no filmy residue or chemical smell, the property has no odor upon completion, it just smells clean.

Apple Environmental Meth Remover is a revolutionary, two part product designed specifically for the removal and break down (neutralization) of methamphetamine residue.

Selling a Meth Contaminated Property

Methamphetamine contamination is considered an environmental hazard. Brokers often face problems with meth contamination of a home they are trying to sell. In these cases, the decontamination of the property is important to prevent health problems of the potential homebuyers and to provide peace of mind that comes with proper decontamination. Although the Utah laws governing meth testing and decontamination have relaxed in recent years, any homebuyer may elect to have a property tested for Meth. If the home tests positive for Meth, the potential homebuyer often backs out of the deal unless appropriate decontamination methods have been used and the home is free of health hazards caused by Methamphetamine use or manufacturing. To help the seller to afford the cost of the decontamination, Apple Environmental has partnered with Surety Title to include the cost of the decontamination into the closing costs of the house. If the seller and buyer can come to an agreement, the sale can still go through. Visit Surety Title for more information.
Selling a Meth Contaminated PropertyCurrent rules and regulations regarding Meth decontamination and homes identified as meth labs in the state of Utah include:
“As the law stands now, any identified clandestine drug lab producing meth must be reported to the local health department and must be cleaned to meet the decontamination standards outlined in Rule 392-600 (1.0 µg/100cm²). Currently, labs are most easily identified by confirmed law enforcement seizing, or “busting” a lab.

Each local health department is required to maintain a list of each of these properties for public view. Each property will remain on the contamination list until sampling test results are less than 1.0 µg/100cm² . Once the property’s sampling tests meet the standard, the property is […]

What to Do About Methamphetamine Contamination

Thorough cleanup or decontamination is the only way to get rid of the health hazards in any structure that has been contaminated by meth. In the past demolition was the most widely used technique to “clean” a meth house. This process included removing all of the contaminated materials from the property; sheet-rock, flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, fixtures, and any other item not used as part of the structure of the house. The cost involved in such an undertaking was not cost effective and left the property owner in an undesirable financial situation.  Some property owners simply try to clean the interior using household cleaners which is only partially effective at best.  Most advertised decontamination methods are not totally effective; in fact, when only cleaning is used as part of “decontamination,” some residue is inevitably left behind and actually re-contaminates the structure! Just painting over walls doesn’t work either: it just covers up the problem, and toxins inevitably off gas through the paint contaminating the air once again.