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Everyone deserves the right to live and breathe in an environment that is safe from harmful contaminants caused from Methamphetamine or Mold.  For that reason, AEI Decon offers solutions to properly decontaminate methamphetamine residues and remediate mold. – See more at:

There are literally tens of thousands of homes, hotels, automobiles and apartments that have been contaminated by manufacturing or simply smoking meth.

Yes, just smoking meth in a property can contaminate it above the state standard. Properties that are contaminated with methamphetamine residue must be decontaminated to create a safe living environment.

The staff at AEI Decon is very knowledgeable with over 11 years of experience in testing, training and remediation of properties in Utah and around the world. Our proprietary products and decontamination systems provide a cost effective and timely meth clean up solution.

Call us with questions about your meth contaminated property, we’ll be happy to help, 801-888-6698.

Top 14 Meth Clean Up Questions

    My house might be contaminated with meth, what do I do?

    The first thing is to test. Proper testing is the only way to know for sure if the property is contaminated. Anyone can do the testing but depending on the situation you may want someone who is licensed with the State of Utah to handle the testing like AEI Decon. Give us a call and we can help point you in the -right direction, 801-888-6698.

    How do I read the meth test lab report and what does it mean?

    There are usually 4 numbers on a lab report that are important to know.
    1- “Sampling Parameter: Area” This refers to the total area tested on an individual swab. Each area tested should total 100cm². So if the Sampling Parameter: Area is 300cm² then 3 areas were tested on 1 swab.
    2- “ug/sample” This number is the total amount of meth found on the swab that was turned into the lab. This number is used by most county health departments when determining if the house needs to be decontaminated or not. If this number is greater than 1.0 the property most likely needs to be decontaminated.
    3- “ug/100cm²” This number is the “ug/sample” divided by the “Sampling Parameter”. In most cases this number is of little concern as most health departments use the “ug/sample” for determining the level of contamination.
    4- “RL ug/sample” is the Reporting Limit of the lab. In most cases it will be .10 meaning any results less than .1 will be reported as “ND” or Non-Detectable.
    The above description refers to ALS lab reports. Most of the reports that come across our desks are from ALS as they are local. Other labs have similar reporting styles and should be interpreted by someone familiar with them.
    Please feel free to contact anyone at AEI Decon if you have questions or need pricing on a decontamination, 801-888-6698.

    My house tested positive for methamphetamine, what are my options?

    The State of Utah has a threshold of 1.0ug (microgram) per 100cm². So it is important to have a copy of the test results to review after the testing has been completed. A house can test positive but be below the State standard. If the results are low enough no work may be needed. However, if the results are over 1.0ug most likely the property needs to be decontaminated. If you are unsure how to read the test report or just have general questions please give us a call and we will be happy to help, 801-888-6698.

    What are the Utah state regulations and requirements for meth clean up?

    The Utah State action level has been set at 1.0ug (microgram) per 100cm². Simply put, all hard surfaces can be decontaminated and soft porous items cannot be. Once the decontamination is complete all rooms, HVAC systems, and all hard items that were part of the decontamination work plan need to be tested. If all results are less than 1.0ug the property is considered safe to occupy.
    The links below can give you a much more in depth understating of the requirements here in Utah or you can call us with any questions, 801-888-6698.

    My property needs to be decontaminated, what stays and what goes?

    Only hard non-porous items can be decontaminated. Such as, sheet rocked walls and ceiling, subfloors, hard surface flooring, doors, cabinets, countertops, metal ductwork, furnaces etc. Items to be removed and disposed of would be carpet, carpet pad, drop ceiling tiles, acoustical ceiling tiles, insulated ductwork, and exposed insulation. To schedule a time for us to come and look at your property and talk with you about your options, call 801-888-6698.

    My rental property tested positive for meth, what is next?

    After making sure everyone is safe, there are several questions that need to be looked at when moving forward.
    Is the damage covered by insurance? Generally, contacting your insurance company is one of the first steps. Usually when dealing with insurance adjusters, meth contamination is not covered however, vandalism and/or smoke damage is. Be persistent and know your policy.
    Is the property vacant or occupied? If the property is vacant the process of decontaminating can start right away. If occupied, the tenant needs to be relocated or must leave during the decontamination. The Decontamination Specialist will need to remove and dispose of the porous items and clean and test the non-porous item for the tenant.

    A potential buyer tested my newly remodeled property and found meth residue, what are my options?

    How much does it cost to decontaminate a meth house?

    Can meth use in one apartment contaminate adjacent units?

    How long does the meth decontamination process take and what are the steps?

    What are the disclosure requirements when selling my house?

    What personal items can be decontaminated and what can’t?

    I’m buying a house, do I need to test it for meth?

    Who can complete meth testing?

Mold Remediation

AEI Decon has been remediating mold properties for over 15 years. We do it right the first time so it doesn’t come back. Mold is in every property but not all mold is unhealthy for your living environment.  Call us for a complimentary estimate on your property.

For meth, mold, or odor remediation at your property, call AEI Decon at 801-888-6698 today!

Meth Remover Product

We have provided certified meth decontamination services in Utah for several years and have been using and researching meth clean up products and methods and were not satisfied with what the market had to offer. After years of laboratory testing and field applications we were able to develop our formula. This powerful cost effective new Meth Remover™ solution is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, bleach-free, phenol-free, environmentally friendly with no alcohol after smell and water based for easy clean up. There is also added value in the fact that we actually complete decontamination work and can answer your questions about application and use of this innovative meth decontamination solution.

Currently Apple Environmental Meth Remover™ is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

For Meth Remover™ Products, please call 801-888-6698 or click PRODUCTS.