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Everyone deserves the right to live and breathe in an environment that is safe from harmful contaminants caused from Methamphetamine or Mold.  For that reason, Apple Environmental offers solutions property decontamination and effective cleanup services.

Meth Remover Product

Methamphetamine is created chemically and the best way to remediate it is also done chemically. As a remediation company, we clean on average of 2-5 meth contaminated properties per week. We created our own product to remediate meth as we were looking for something that was created specifically for removing meth. What we created smells better, costs less than other products on the market, leaves less sticky residue and simply cleans better than the other products on the market. An effective product saves on time and labor. As Meth Remover has been tested head to head with other products in a controlled lab environment, it is the best product on the market.

Currently Meth Remover is available in the United States, Canada and soon in Australia. Product will be available in most every country within a year. If you are outside the U.S., please call 801-888-6698 and we will make the product available in your area.

Meth Cleanup

Millions of homes are contaminated with meth throughout the world. There are literally tens of thousands of homes, hotels, automobiles and apartments locally that have been contaminated through simply smoking meth on a property or from cooking the product. Smoking alone does contaminate the property as well as all the contents within the property. Most contaminated properties across the world are contaminated due to usage. All contaminated properties need a proper meth clean up. Property without a property meth clean up can make people sick. Get a test kit and a meth clean up from a professional company.

Properties do not need to be torn down or gutted in order to clean them. In fact, most everything on the property can be salvaged as long it is not porous.

The staffs at Apple Environmental are very knowledgeable with over 11 years of experience in testing, training and remediating properties in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Call us for your meth cleanup  or classes.

For Meth Remover Products, please call 801-888-6698 or click PRODUCTS.

Mold Remediation

Apple Environmental has been remediating mold properties for over 15 years. We do it right the first time so it doesn’t come back. Mold is in every property but not all mold is unhealthy for your property.  As mold grows quickly, call us for a complimentary estimate on your property.

For meth, mold, or odor remediation at your property, call Apple Environmental at 801-888-6698 today!

Because our products are biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and completely safe for families and pets, we can offer the perfect services for all areas, including residential areas, commercial properties, and more!